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The Hood of the Rider

A modern twisted fairy tale inspired by myth and legend.

Gloria Kane, known to her friends as "Rojita", seemed to get everything from her dead father. Her red hair, her stubborn attitude, her nickname, and now... magic powers?

Tossed into the middle of a conflict between ancient forces, Rojita must take up the Mantle of the Rider and finish the battle her father started.


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Readability Information

  • Reading Ease:
    5th Grade


  • Pages: 286

  • Content Warnings:
    - depictions of drug use
    - emotional manipulation
    - trauma and pesonal loss

Broken Mirror Symphony

A collection of short stories depicting the departure of humanity from Earth, their journey across space, and eventual settlement on a new world. Broken Mirror Symphony is a reflection of fundamental human fears and loves. It distantly follows the story of one little girl who reached for the stars in the midst of apocalypse, and built a home out of the ashes. 

Available to read for free here soon!

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