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In addition to writing, I also create and sell traditional and digital artwork that is bespoke or commissioned. Below is a small selection of my work. For more, please see my Instagram or Etsy pages linked below.

Father Goose

"Father Goose" Acrylic painting on canvas. 11"x14"

Son of Goose

"Don't Speak to Me or My Father ever Again" Acrylic on canvas- 5"x7"

Sandy Candy image

"Sandy Candy" Acrylic on Canvas 3rd Place Acrylic winner at the Pocono Arts Council Member's Exhibition- 2023

Not Enough Hands

"Not Enough Hands" Acrylic Painting on four canvases.


"When Angels Appear" Painting for Pocono Arts Council gallery


Untitled- a princess escaping the castle Ink stippling on paper


"Corn on the Cod" (sold)

"The Chicken Man"- A visual pun (sold)


Untitled Fish drawing Ink stippling on paper

Shark in the shower

"Shark in the Shower" (sold- limited prints available)

Warrior Princess

"Warrior Princess"- ink on paper


"Avofroggo" (sold)


"USS Constellation" (sold)

Unnamed practice

Digital practice of woman in shadow

Unnamed painting

Black and white acrylic painting (sold)


Woman defending a young Rex- Acrylic on Canvas (Sold)

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