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Inspired by Dragons, Invented by Goblins, Played by Humans

Clawpeck is a 2-4 player game of matching, strategy, luck, and deception. Be the first to get all three piles to show your symbol or color while trying to avoid getting eaten by the dragon!


Clawpeck was designed as a lore-friendly card game that could be seamlessly inserted into any table-top RPG or be played as a stand-alone game.

Whether you're a pair of weary

travelers arguing over the last scrap of

salted pork, or a group of college kids

sitting around campus, it's the perfect

game for those brief pauses 

in your many adventures.

On a budget?

Just want to try it?

There is a FREE
version available here!

All you need is a color printer, some card stock, and a pair of scissors!

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G1 Front.jpg
O2 Front.jpg
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