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Short Stories                         

My works of short fiction, featured in various publications.

New pieces are constantly being added!
Works under a 5 minute read are marked with a clock symbol!   

Image by Mason Field
Siren Trail     🕒

Vocal Media

A farmer and his horse reminisce about the good ol' days, while the sound of dynamite echoes in the distance. 

Image by Raunaq Patel
The Octagon Club

A businessman, struggling to make ends meet, gets accepted into a seemingly magical grocery club that saves him money. Is it worth it, or are the changes more than he can afford?

Energy Savings Calculator
Pythagoras- X     🕒

Medium Magazine

When the calculators stop working... will you know what to do?

Join three math technicians as they fight for their life against the dark. 

Abstract Planet
By its Best Names

Medium Magazine

Sharon Proust is an ecological survey expert sent to check on a mining company. What she finds concerns her, but does it matter?

Image by Jon Tyson

Medium Magazine

What would you tell your ten-year-old self? What about your yesterday's self? In a world where everyone has a phone that can call its past version, talking to yourself isn't seen as weird. In fact, they made a whole game show about it... 

Duck Keychain
Why Not Zilch?         🕒

Medium Magazine

During his weekly shopping trip, Ethan struggles to find food that meets his blood-to-dollar ratio. Just how many drops of blood is ice cream worth anyway?

Silhouette in Subway Tunnel

Medium Magazine

Locked away in a post natal facility, Simon, Rachel, and Thomas are in charge of managing humanities final few remnants. Can they do the one thing they were raised to do, or will their indifatigable human natures win out?

Arnold Gilroy      🕒

Medium Magazine

Enui is a comfortable place to be for Arnold Gilroy, but maybe today will be different.

3D Printer
PrintMe         🕒

Medium Magazine

Would you print your Tinder date if you could?

Image by Alex Knight

Medium Magazine

This simple homage to "I, Robot" details an investigation into the short and violent life of a robotic waiter.

Image by Max LaRochelle
The Rain and The Thunder

Medium Magazine

Gale is a super hero. She's also a mom. Some people think those are the same thing, but in this case it might mean she can't be either. 

Image by Jake Leonard

Booksnpieces Magazine
Page 22

A woman, fighting the blustery winter of Maine from inside her decaying home, spends an afternoon lost in memory. She recalls her life before her illness. Her self-pity is challenged by a man she once knew. 

Image by Francesco Ungaro
The Reef         🕒

Medium Magazine

Story Commissioned for Snowy_Ocelot​

Not all fish are created equal. You can either fight and hope you're stronger than the rest, or take a risk and work together. 

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